Just because you're giving up meat doesn't mean you have to live without your favourite meals. We have a selection of classic recipes from some well known veggie experts - without so much as a whiff of anything meaty!
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Hairy Dieters go Veggie

The Hairy Dieters (bikers) have some delicious Meat-Free meals you have to try!

The Hairy Dieters book cover
courgette caponata in a bowl
Courgette caponata

The Food Medic

Dr Hazel Wallace is the founder of The Food Medic, an NHS medical doctor, registered nutritionist (ANutR), and best-selling author. These mouth watering recipes will make it easier to say farewell for now to meat!

veggie sausage sandwich
Sausage sandwich

Leon Fast Vegan

Need a little inspiration for dinner or lunch? Leon's Fast Vegan meat-free alternatives will have you wanting more!

leon fast vegan book cover